Company Profile

Waste Technologies LLC (WTL) established in September, 2013, is a solid waste management, research & development and equipment manufacturing company. We provide cost-effective, integrated, and reliable waste management solutions and services. We meet international safety standards and regulations.

The Founder and Chairman, Dr. Moinuddin Sarker and Founder & Co-Chairman, Dr. Anjuman Ara Begum Shelly, are the inventors of WTL’s ground-breaking technology and sole owner of WTL. They have become successful in developing innovative and unique technology for producing alternative Hydrocarbon Liquid Fuel from almost all types of Solid Waste Plastics with international patent rights. WTL continues to research and development activities under their leadership to achieve an automatic and integrated system for total solid waste management. They have been working on waste technology and management for the last 15 years. Their invented technologies are the main driving force of WTL. 

At WTL, we understand that waste management is not only an issue of cost and convenience, but is also a subject of social responsibility, and environmental sustainability. That is why our goal is to provide economically viable integrated solutions to the problems associated with the total solid waste management and ensure a cleaner world for future generations. We are actively engaged in the development of new technologies to provide the highest possible efficiency in terms of producing Fuel, Gas, and Fertilizer from Municipal Solid Waste. We are on the way to provide our services in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Our services include Solid Waste Management, Fuel, Gas & Fertilizer Production, Landfill Management, Consultancy on Green Environment, Research & Development, and Manufacturing Turnkey MSW Plants & Machinery.

Our main focus on integrity and honesty naturally extends to our employees as well as our customers. We offer our customers financial stability and security. We do not compromise on quality, safety, and training. Our intention is to exceed our customer’s expectations.