Solutions We Provide

1. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to Fuel, Gas & Fertilizer (FGF): Large quantities of Municipal SoildWaste (MSW) are being produced every day around the world. However, MSW is not being managed properly. That is why, it is one of the reasons for adverse impacts of our climate. We can segregate Waste Plastics, Organic or Vegetation Wastes, and Miscellaneous Wastes from MSW using the conveyor belt both manually and automatically. With these segregated wastes, we generate Fuel, Gas, and Fertilizer.

2.Waste Plastic to Low Sulfur Fuel & LPG: WTL converts the Waste Plastic to Low Sulfur Fuel (Diesel & Aviation Fuel) and LPG. From 1 Ton of Waste Plastics, we can provide 1300L Diesel, 10 Cylinder (12.5 kg) LPG & 23L Aviation Fuel.

3.Organic Waste to Biogas & Fertilizer: We can produce Biogas & high characteristic Fertilizer from Organic Waste.

4.Energy Efficiency: We can ensure maximum energy efficiency by producing Electricity from plastic & organic wastes.

5.Pollution Control: One of the problems that World is facing currently, is environmental pollution. Our green project reduces Greenhouse Gas Emission (GHG) by diverting waste from landfills and converting municipal solid wastes into resources.

6.Emission Credit Aggregation: In our modern technology, almost no emissions are produced. The minimal solid residues remain at less than 2% with other commercial applications.

7.Potential Generation and Commercialization of Carbon Credits: We can reduce a certain amount of carbon-dioxide or other greenhouse gas emissions in the world through our unique patented technology and help to meet nation’s emission target credit.

8.Reduce Landfill: Our technology can also minimize the demand for landfill space by the reduction of the waste volume.

9.Save Marine Aquatic Life by Reducing Pollution: The solid wastes contain various types of trace elements, chemicals that are carried by rainwater to rivers, lakes, and seas and can also seep into our groundwater. It has become hazardous for our marine aquatic life habitat in the world. In that case, our environment-friendly technique can play the role of life-savior by reducing pollution and also save our marine wildlife.

10.Effectiveness: Our input waste plastics to fuel technology is highly effective than any other technologies. We yield 95-98% FGF (Fuel, Gas & Fertilizer) from MSW that will help in attaining the SDG-2030 goals of the world.

11.No Residue Remaining: Our methodology produces residues of less than 2% of the total weight of the plastic wastes. So, our system will help the world to achieve the climate goals by converting all types of MSW to FGF with minimum residues.

12.Existing Dumping Conversion: Nowadays in developing countries, open dumping has become a matter of concern. Mostly, wastes in developing countries are dumped in open spaces or incinerated. WTL’s technology provides waste management systems for all types of waste. Thus, there will be no burden on the landfill for waste disposal.

13.Economical & Cost-Effective: We introduce our innovative technology in the world that is cheaper and simpler than any other system. 

14.Integrate Solid Waste Management: We provide an integrated waste management system throughout the world based on the desires and requirements of the clients.

15.Volume Reduction: We can reduce the waste volume by almost 100% and be able to convert all types of MSW into useful Hydrocarbon Fuel, Biogas and Organic Compost.

Our Services:

Solid Waste Management :

Waste Technologies LLC (WTL) collects Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) from landfills. Through the pre-sorting process, we separate the MSW according to its physical components such as Vegetable, Bones, Paper, Textile, Plastic, Grass, Wood, Leather, Rubber, Metals, Glass, Ceramic, and Miscellaneous. The process is carried out mechanically, using differences in such physical characteristics of the MSW as size, density, and magnetic properties. After separating, we reduce the size of organic and plastic waste by shredding or pulverizing and sell the rest of the scrap materials to the concerned firms. From these organic wastes, we produce Compost Fertilizer and Biogas and from plastic wastes, we produce Diesel, Aviation Fuel &LPG. Our solid waste management services also include Medical Waste Management, E-Waste Management, Nuclear Waste Management, Construction Waste Management, and Marine Waste Management, etc.

Fuel & Gas to Electricity Production :

Our produced Fuel (Diesel and Aviation Fuel) and Biogas from MSW can be used to generate Electricity and contribute to a portion of National Grid power demand. This renewable energy and power generation could play a small role in the growth of the economy.           

Landfill Management :

WTL’s Technology is able to decrease the demand for landfill space by reducing about 100% of waste volume. We are able to produce fuel, gas, and fertilizer from solid waste of landfill. WTL’s landfill management services include the following processes:

  • Collection of MSW from the landfill area.
  • Sorting of MSW according to the physical composition of waste.
  • Separating waste plastic and organic waste for fuel, gas, and fertilizer production.
  • Sell the scrap materials to the concerned firms.           

Consultancy on Green Environment :

WTL has been providing consulting services related to the green environment and life sciences for a long period of time. Our goal is to build a prosperous society, focusing on environmental and economic activities, and a commitment to build a safe and healthy environment for all of us. We are providing consultancy services regarding Energy, Environmental Planning & Management, Pollution Prevention & Abatement, and Landfill Management.   

Research & Development : 

The Founder and Chairman, Dr. Moinuddin Sarker, and Co-Chairman, Dr.Anjuman Shelly, are the inventors of WTL’s technology. Under their leadership, our research teams are continuing to conduct research. We provide contract research services regarding environmental and life sciences.

Manufacturing Turnkey MSW Plants & Machinery :

WTL manufactures Turnkey MSW Plants and Machineries. Turnkey schemes are operated through designing, engineering, manufacturing, constructing, testing, commissioning, and servicing. Operational mode turnkey schemes:     

• Design-Build-Operate-Transfer (D-B-O-T)
• Design-Build-Own-operate-Transfer (D-B-O-O-T)