Chairman & CEO
Dr. Moinuddin Sarker
Dr. Sarker is the Chairman, CEO and CTO of Waste Technologies, LLC (WTL) since 2013 and he is the sole owner of the company. WTL has been working on any waste turning into green fuel especially building 1st commercialization facility in Bridgeport, CT on Waste Plastic to Low Sulfur Diesel (Patent # US 8,927,797 B2) and he has 6 more patents both Granted and at Pending Stage. In addition, he is the owner of couple of other companies such as, Sheba Green Technologies LLC, Sheba Enterprises LLC, and Sheba Construction LLC etc. He has entrepreneurship and creating green jobs in local communities.
Dr. Moinuddin Sarker received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), Manchester, UK. He has also Master degree in Chemistry from the same University, UMIST. In addition, he accomplished another Master and a Bachelors degree, both in Chemistry, from the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. From 2005-2016, Dr. Sarker was the Vice President of Research & Development at NSR’s (Natural State Research) laboratory with an extensive background in waste conversion to energy, along with an academic history of multidisciplinary field. Under the direction of Dr. Sarker, he and his NSR research team developed a unique method to convert plastic into liquid fuel.
Dr. Sarker is the inventor of the technology and product entitles: “Method for converting waste plastics to lower – molecular weight hydrocarbons, particularly hydrocarbon fuel materials and the hydrocarbon material produced thereby.” (Patent # US 8,927,797 B2) and other patents are pending in USA and PCT entitle: “METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR CONVERTING PLASTIC TO FUEL”.
Dr. Sarker has more 130 research publications and written 6 books including chapters. He is a Chief, Full Editor, Co-Editors, Associate Editors and Reviewers in more than 130 peer review journals in around the globe. Dr. Sarker is a distinguished member of the more than 40 organization or associations such as, American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE), Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), UK, American Chemical Society (ACS), American Physical Society (APS), American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AIChE), International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC), Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC), Cleantech Forum International, Connecticut Technology Council, Alliance for Clean Energy of New York (ACENY), Society of Automobile Engineering (SAE) International, Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), Vermont Renewable Energy, Sierra Club, Greenpeace International, Bangladesh Chemical Society and many more.
Dr. Sarker also heads a humanitarian effort in Bangladesh “The Moinuddin and Anjuman Foundation, Inc.”, helps provide essentials for the poor and underprivileged (