Frequently Asked Questions

  • Total Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management solution is at your doorstep through our company. We provide solutions for both Inorganic (Waste Plastics) and Organic Solid Wastes.
  • Managing Unmanageable Plastic & Organic Solid Waste
  • Conversion of Plastic Waste to Fuel: Our Waste Plastic to Fuel  technology (Patent Right of Dr. Sarker); that is able to convert nearly all types of waste plastic into high grade fuel.
  • Converting Organic Solid Wastes of the municipality to better quality Biogas, CNG and Fertilizer.

We accept D-B-O-T (Design-Build-Operate-Transfer) and D-B-O-O-T (Design-Build-Own-Operate-Transfer), both operational modes.

There are several companies for specific solid waste management.But our technology, unlike our competitors, has the ability to handle all types of waste plastics. In addition, WTL also allows for the production of a variety of Fuel types for different vehicles needs, e.g. Gasoline, Diesel or Aviation and Electricity production. Besides, we produce appreciable quality Biogas for households, CNG for vehicles and Organic Fertilizer that will return the deteriorated fertility of our croplands.

We are entire MSW solution provider who researches, manufacture and give consultancy for a cleaner and sustainable environment.

30% in Advance by T/T (Telegraphic Transfer), rest by L/C (Letter of Credit) at sight.

Waste Technologies LLC offers mainly following services on turnkey basis:

-MSW to FGF (Fuel-Gas-Fertilizer) Plant.

-Organic Solid Waste to Gas & Fertilizer (OSW to G&F) Plant.

-Total Solid Waste and Landfill Management

-Sorting & Volume Reduction of Municipal Solid Waste.

-MSW & Green Service Consultancy and Training.

-Consultancy on setting up integrated MSW Plants for a State or Country.