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Who We Are ?

Waste Technologies LLC (WTL) is a constantly growing and embryonic USA based company of solid waste management, research & development, and manufacturing relevant types of machinery with an aim at utilizing the resources hidden on the wastes. Our company is working complacently all over the world.

We offer reliable, flexible, integrated, and cost-effective waste management solutions and services, including the assessment, collection, and recycling of all solid waste streams. WTL is second-to-none in scientific waste management organizations. We provide the ultimate solutions for managing solid wastes, and we have been appreciated by the environmentalists, many concerned authorities, and several countries of the world.

The founders of the company are Dr. Moinuddin Sarker, Chairman & CEO, and his working partner Dr. Anjuman Shelly, Co-Chairman. They are the leaders of WTL. They began their journey by creating the technology to convert MSW into Gold to accomplish the concept of a clean environment in a unique scientific way. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a Zero Waste Disposal system by reducing, reusing & recycling the Municipal Solid Wastes, Waste Plastics, and all types of Biodegradable and Non-biodegradable wastes to build a clean & green environment. At the same time, we will ensure an economically viable outcome (ultra-low Sulfur Fuel / Gas / Fertilizer) with proper management & disposal.

For the last 15 years, we have been working on Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to Fuel Gas & Fertilizer (FGF), especially Waste Plastics to Fuel. We are determined to achieve a sustainable, the most efficient, least costly & eco-friendly environment with minimal residues.

Why are we unique?

  1. We provide cost-effective integrated sustainable solutions to Total Solid Waste Management. Eliminating waste and the continual use of resources is our main objective.
  2. Our patented Green Technologies reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission by shifting the waste from landfills and incinerators and by converting Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to Fuel, Gas & Fertilizer (FGF).
  3. We ensure maximum efficiency by producing Low Sulfur Diesel, Aviation Fuel, and LPG from Waste Plastic.
  4. Our Organic Waste to Compost & Biogas facility also has a large impact not only on the environment but also on the reduction of the demand for landfill space.
  5. We are competent in manufacturing Turnkey MSW Plants and Machinery. Turnkey projects are managed through designing, engineering, manufacturing, constructing, testing, commissioning, and servicing.
  6. We ensure client satisfaction through our consultancy services regarding energy, environment, and landfill management.

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