Who We Are ?

Waste Technologies LLC is a USA based solid waste management, research and development and machineries manufacturing company. WTL offers a reliable, flexible, integrated and cost-effective waste management solution & service that includes the assessment, collection and recycling of all solid waste streams. WTL made solutions for managing and handling all types of Solid Waste appreciated by the environment scientists, activists and local governments of many countries.
The Founder, Chairman & CEO of the company; Dr. Moinuddin Sarker, PhD, MCIC, FICER along with his working partner Co-Chairman Dr. Anjuman Shelly, PhD is the leader and the entrepreneur who has formulated the concept of clean environment. Dr. Sarker & Dr. Shelly have invented world’s latest unique technology to convert MSW to Gold.

Our Mission

WTL has a mission to provide an economically and easily assembled viable solution to the problem of waste plastics, organic garbage, commercial waste as well as industrial wastes.
To come up with a cleaner world for the future generation, floras and faunas, our mission is to work for municipal solid waste to fuel gas & fertilizer (MSW to FGF).

Why are we unique?

» One Stop solution for total solid waste management.
» MSW collection, sorting and conversion to high quality fuel and gas for vehicles and electricity.
» Organic solid sludge to best quality bio-fertilizer.
» Turnkey projects operations worldwide not only for business purpose, but also for social and environmental well-being and clean earth for better future
   -Design-Build-Operate-Transfer (D.B.O.T. )
   -Design-Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (D.B.O.O.T. )
» Consultancy regarding energy, environment and landfill management .

Our Services

Solid Waste Management
Fuel & Gas to Electricity Production
Landfill Management
Consultancy on Green Environment
Research & Development
Manufacturing Turnkey MSW Plants & Machineries