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WTL is moving forward

‘Waste Technologies LLC (WTL)’ has been working since 2013 on efficient waste management and waste removal from around the world and protection of the environment. To this end since 2005 the founder of the company Dr. Moinuddin Sarker and Dr. Anjuman Shelly has been working.

Not only all over the world but also in their homeland Bangladesh they are working to solve the problem of waste; including various social activities. In this context, the scientist couple has talked to the concerned authorities in different city corporations and municipalities of Bangladesh. The concerned authorities welcomed the innovations and initiatives of WTL and assured all kinds of cooperation. WTL has recently signed MoUs with the South African authorities and agreements with the Senegalese authorities. The Malaysian government has agreed to work with the WTL.

Indrajith Ghosh, Chairman, MSME Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India, assured that he would co-operate with WTL in all kinds of activities in India. MSME Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an NGO of India which was established in 2012.

Diiso Africa is one of the WTL’s partners in Africa. This partnership has been built with a great vision to support the African development program. Under this partnership, WTL’s waste management solution plant will be built in the city of Sibabasar, Senegal. Also one of WTL’s partners in Europe is TessOmo Technologies Limited of Ireland.

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