Our Services:

Solid Waste Management :

Waste Technologies LLC (WTL) collects Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) from landfills. Through the pre-sorting process, we separate the MSW according to its physical components such as Vegetable, Bones, Paper, Textile, Plastic, Grass, Wood, Leather, Rubber, Metals, Glass, Ceramic, and Miscellaneous. The process is carried out mechanically, using differences in such physical characteristics of the MSW as size, density, and magnetic properties. After separating, we reduce the size of organic and plastic waste by shredding or pulverizing and sell the rest of the scrap materials to the concerned firms. From these organic wastes, we produce Compost Fertilizer and Biogas and from plastic wastes, we produce Diesel, Aviation Fuel &LPG. Our solid waste management services also include Medical Waste Management, E-Waste Management, Nuclear Waste Management, Construction Waste Management, and Marine Waste Management, etc.