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Sibassor, Kaolack - WTL's MSW to Fuel and Fertilizer Project

Diiso Africa is one of the partners of WTL in the Continent of Africa. This partnership is created with a great view to support the African Development program. Under this partnership, a WTL’s Waste Management Solution Plant will be built at Sibassor, Kolack, Senegal, to facilitate their total Waste management System.

The completion of the project is projected as early as December 2020. This will result tremendous advancement in the waste management system in this region.

In addition to eliminating the environmental problems, duly implemented projects will create a huge amount of green jobs, thereby improving the quality of life in Sub-Saharan communities.

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Kaolack: a plant to transform waste into energy and fuel will be installed in Sibassor | June 15, 2020

Kaolack: Sibassor to acquire a plant for converting garbage into energy and fuel | June 16, 2020

Kaolack: A waste to energy and fuel transforming plan will be installed in Sibassor | June 16, 2020