Name: Sachin Kumar, Ph.D.
Contact No: +91-9897329104

Sachin Kumar, Ph.D. is an experienced professional with multi-tasking ability, project management and leadership skills. Able to select the most appropriate methodology and techniques for facilitating the research; responsible for producing qualitative and quantitative research plans, designing research questionnaires and moderator guides; able to work with study teams, and the project and research directors, coordinate fieldwork initiatives, and conduct post-research analyses and evaluations. Using my keen eye for detail to interpret research data, author research reports, and make actionable recommendations to stakeholders.

Being a Research Project Director (Chemical & Environmental Technologies) responsible for a varied number of duties throughout the work day. Typically, oversee activities and interaction with environmental regulatory agencies; specific tasks might include preparing reports, proposals, budgets and work plans, directing necessary research, performing site investigations, and collecting, processing and evaluating data to establish project needs and monitor work in progress; to ensure final deliverables adhere to requirements; working with subcontractors during the scope of a project to ensure compliance to the plan; negotiating changes to the scope of work; additional duties include interpreting permits and other environmental documents, communicating with management regarding project status, as well as developing compliance assurance plans and inspection procedures.